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October 9, 2009

Track 1 Side Three

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Howdy –  Chris is well & loving chocolate icecreams & curries – needs a haircut though, the scruff. ‘Stroke’ is drawing near to it’s mastering stage. We’re looking at a release party & booking a venue. Revolution#9  in mono is soooooo much better than in stereo. Abbey Road remaster is a religious experience – close yer eyes & you can see ’em! John would have bin 69 today.  Sob.



  1.   Barry S. — October 11, 2009 @ 10:59 am    


    Get Chris a well deserved Chocolate Icecream from me,please!

    Really good news that “Stroke” is coming to a release date,….but that Tall Dwarfs project is the one really making me drool(all over me shirt too!).

    Keep doing what you do,….and please keep Chris on the forward path!

    Love,Barry and Maria(here in the sad ol’ USA)

    PS….I sure wish that my Beatles “Private Tapes” CD set arrived at your PO Box for Chris? It was a rough sounding thing,…but it should be fun to hear for free(?).

  2.   siobhan — October 12, 2009 @ 8:57 pm    

    One day , a long time ago I was being my (then and indeed now) fairly pathetic anti-social self there in grey lynn, dinner was pretty gorgeous, but it included raw oysters…chris attacked said slimey delicacies with relish. I probably made myself look like a dick again, not being very good at repartee, but i had no inkling that chocolate icecream was a go! Chris, Barbara, you guys do so much for so many people just by being what yu are.
    Big Love, and sorry if this is somewhat incoherent. It is now the (an) anniverary of Tatsuwan Atom. A really popular anime artist (Crayon Shinchan) has died under mysterious circumstances, there is on sale now an omnibus DVD colection of all the Toho studio Godzilla/Mothra/Ghidora etc films.
    Anyway -chocolate prompted this nonsense. Chocolate oysters? No idea, but good stuff with everything …embarkation is always exciting. Disembarkation is a way of pushing off. Big love.

  3.   Jeremy Ansell — October 27, 2009 @ 12:09 pm    

    Revolution 9 better in mono? I guess it packs more punch, but it’s a summed-to-mono copy of the stereo mix. Looking forward to my long delayed delivery of Beatles box sets arriving… sometime next month!

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